About Cliffsoft technologies


Offers the excellent quality of all IT solutions and services at your door step.

Our ideology is to be a consultant to the customer rather being a mere seller.

CLIFFSOFT is a pioneer IT Infrastructure solution provider, offers the excellent quality of all IT solutions and services at your door step as per your convenient time frame. In our services we deal with the software as well as hardware related problem. Our service engineers not just rectify the problem you are facing currently but our engineers will try to identify the root cause of the problem to avoid further inconvenience due to the same cause.

CCLIFFSOFT provides solutions to its customers in specking according to the application requirement, procuring at the best prices, country wide installation, and one of the best after sales support.

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  • L1 and L2 support to end users
  • PC imaging by using Symantec ghost and acronis.
  • Computer installation and equipment setup.
  • Setting up user account in active directory.
  • PC repair and upgrade.
  • Server setup and RAID configuration setup.
  • Small business network configuration and setup.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity.
  • Uniquely written search engine optimized content


We ensure you get the support to maintain and manage your environments with ease and efficiency. Our software solution enables us to efficiently deliver robust solutions in short time frames and leave our clients with the knowledge, tools and processes they need to manage the environment themselves. We have a progressive track record of delivering highly successful software solutions to our customers.

Today there is an obvious need for strong software solutions to make an IT equipment complete. Our customers have the best possible experience with our solutions.

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  • SaaS based solution
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Document managment system
  • Enterprise content managment
  • Enterprise server based solution
  • API Integration
  • Customizations & upgrades
  • Post implementation and supports
  • Enterprise test managment


As an independent reseller, CLIFFSOFT has the ability to offer product and service expertise across multiple platforms without bias. Our global purchasing power and unique expertise with new and legacy systems allows us to advise our clients on system upgrades, migrations, server consolidation and datacenter migrations that span a wide spectrum of manufacturers as well as generations of hardware. CLIFFSFOT can save your organization up to 80% off of the list price on much of the hardware that you currently purchase. All hardware is integrated, configured and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. Our technical support team of certified engineers is available to troubleshoot any issue that might arise.

Whether our clients are looking to buy, sell, rent, lease or trade pre-owned hardware, we can customize a solution that will exceed expectations.

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  • Wide range of Hardware products
  • Enterprise peripherals
  • Hardware installation
  • LAN Optimization
  • Business continuity
  • Workstation configuration
  • Enterprise technology solutions


ERP solutions from CLIFFSOFT help transform your business and streamline the processes due to the low cost of Open-ERP solutions that are designed to suit specific needs. A range of solutions for manufacturing, warehouse management, sales and CRM, purchase, accounting, finance, HR management, project management and more. At CLIFFSOFT we design ERP solutions for the most complex business requirements and provide an efficiently functioning Web based environment to manage your business processes. We help you streamline your business process with consistent and reliable information with real-time transparency. This empowers you to outperform the competition leading to improved financial results and a strong bottom line.

We help you successfully face the challenges that you face in today’s competitive world by empowering you to get the right information at the right time.

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  • Content Building Solutions
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Sales Management
  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Manufacturing


With the rapid technological advances, increased market pressures and growing sophistication in security threats, businesses in today’s world are expected to be constantly vigilant and preemptive. Our highly experienced and qualified security professionals at CLIFFSOFT leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to protect your business against threats and minimize risks. In today's world, its widely accepted that the organizations can improve productivity and business growth and increase customer trust only by implementing comprehensive security solutions and protecting information and systems from threats and attacks.

We offer security solutions to business verticals namely- Government, Banking & Finance, Telco, Oil & Gas, Education, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors.

Content writing, articles, business blogs, newsletters

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  • Security strategy for business
  • Network security and design
  • Email and Web Security
  • Access control systems
  • Endpoint control and security services
  • Data damage risks
  • Video Surveillance Software
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Incident Response