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We help our customers transform their data centers from expensive necessities into true drivers of measurable business value.

At CLIFFSOFT, we build relationships with our customers to help them at every stage of their journey to next-generation data centers, from virtualization initiatives to full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud deployments. As with all the services we offer, we put our customers’ success first and then build the solution that helps them achieve it.

Virtualization and cloud computing are transforming IT services, as companies look to improve availability and utilization, drive greater efficiency, streamline systems management, reduce power and cooling costs, and accelerate time to value for new applications.

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  • Hosting and Co-location solutions
  • Consolidation and optimization
  • Transformation and systems managment
  • Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service


  • Vendor agnostic approach
  • Metric-based governance and process improvement
  • Innovation labs
  • Industry-standard frameworks
  • Strategic alliances


  • Consultation & collaboration
  • Redefine what's possible
  • Business-driven design
  • Passionate about how we help our customers
  • An agile, global team


At CLIFFSOFT, we are constantly developing new ways to help our clients overcome compatibility difficulties found in racking standards. CLIFFSOFT engineers and tech support experts develop and deal with solutions to rack mounting issues daily. However large or small your IT enterprise, we can meet all your rack requirements in a cost-effective, flexible way. We can help you solve heat, noise, dust, security, monitoring, contingency or resilience problems and improve the environment for your IT equipment. We can also help you save energy costs and improve your green credentials.

Network cabling, server components, customer supplied materials or a mixed model, extensive, automated information captured including asset id's, MAC addresses, and serial numbers.

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  • Rack and stack Integration
  • Network interface configuration & testing
  • Campus installation & on-site professional services
  • Complete rack integration, imaging and testing
  • Quite rack solutions
  • Cooling racks solutions
  • Material planning and procurement
  • Cable management and custom detail labeling
  • Functional testing


An application is only as good as the infrastructure supporting it, which is why getting the server aspects right is an important part of any solution. The integration of your server is important for both the customer side, and also for how it integrates with your infrastructure in both performance and security. We can provide a server solution with your application development or as part of your overall data infrastructure, from planning and design through development to deployment.

Most people start to care about security when something happens and they lose all data or sensitive information gets leaked. We would like to avoid that and help you by designing security policies that will fit your enviroment.

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  • Hosting solutions
  • Resilience
  • Load balancing
  • Server performance
  • Backups solutions
  • Mail servers
  • Security solutions
  • Data privacy laws


Computer networks are the heart of any business, and the ease of connecting new systems and making data available is a key to early payback. Whether you are installing a new computer network, upgrading your current infrastructure or just looking to improve its performance. We will work with you to select a network that not only improves your current performance but also takes account of your longer term requirements. We offer a range of computer network services, including the provision of network advice and recommendations on the range of cabling options and network elements available, such as routers, bridges, interface cards, switches, gateways, servers, backup solutions, disaster recovery and security options.

CLIFFSOFT’ experienced network engineers can offer you sound, knowledgeable and impartial advice to allow you to install a fast, reliable, robust and scalable computer network solution.

Content writing, articles, business blogs, newsletters

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  • Network design solutions
  • Network configuration services
  • Network security solutions
  • Network backup solutions
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Routers & Ethernet solutions
  • Advice & recommendations
  • Network peripherals
  • Cabling solutions